Saturday, November 22, 2008

How to grade me?

In one of the discussion forums for class, we were asked to define how we should be graded for a certain assignemt...I could not think of guidelines! What is wrong with me? This became a very hard task for me. Now if you had asked me this in highschool or even middle school I would have said "a student should recieve credit as long as he/she turns it in". I know understand that there is more complicated than I would believe it to be.
Teachers now have rubrics, standards, guides, even manuals to teach them to grade properly. I have a new respect for educators today. There is so much associated with their jobs and the salary does NOT match the effots. Teachers are the very essence of our society! They teach the future doctors, lawyers, transportation engineers, factory workers, pharmacist, computer technicians, etc. The grades that they dispel to their students properly reflect the work that a student turns in. Grades assist students in learning their skill levels - what there strengths and weaknesses are.
In short, I guess I didn't realize the necessity of grades until charged with the responsibility of creating my own grading guidelines.
That's all for now...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Professional Development

We have been talking a great deal about professional development. I have come to realize the importance of continuous development in one's field. How it makes you more marketable and current. Professional development is also an excellent way to
  • network with other professionals in your field;
  • stay up to date with the latest developments in your field
  • discover best practices
  • be aware of new laws, policies, jobs, etc

So in essence, professional development not only gets you away from your job site, but it allows you to become more knowledgeable and marketable in your field. You are also able to disseminate the information to your fellow co-workers or staff members so as to keep the information going and relevant. So employers need to ensure they are allowing and encouraging their employees to partake in professional development activities.

That is all for now....