Monday, December 8, 2008

Semester Winding Down

Hello again!

The semester has come to a fast halt! I am amazed at how quickly the semester has gone by. I have learned a lot of new concepts and ideas that I can apply to real life situations. I have gained new knowledge of using Moodle, Second Life, Blogger, Wiki Spaces, etc. I will leave this course possessing more knowledge than when I started - thus the course has been successful for me. What I learn in a course tells me if it was worth my while and if my knowledge base increased because of it, to me that is a successful course.

A grade does not mean that you learned anything or even comprehended the material. A grade means that you have completed the requirements for a certain grade of your choice. That is a good determining factor in how much effort you put into a class, but for me I need personal gratification. What did I learn? How does this apply to me? How can I use this new knowledge at my job? How can I use this knowledge to help others? etc. Those questions are how I perceive a class to be successful or not. As a undergraduate student it was all about the letter grade to me, but than I graduated and realized I knew next to nothing and had this wonderful degree framed on my wall!

That's life - you live and you learn...


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