Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Week #5 Group Collaboration

This week was very trying for me. I am use to working on assignments individually. We completed our first group assignment and turned it in today. I am very happy with our finished product. We worked very well together as a group. We worked on sections of the project individually and came together collaboratively to create a finished product.
We initially met before beginning the project so as to come up with a game plan. This was very helpful because it gave each person direction and individual responsibilities. At different points of completion of the project we met online in "the Palace" to check on each others progress.
Let's talk about the Palace! What a wonderful technology it is. Students are able to meet with their classmates to discuss class assignments, questions with the professor, etc. Each student can create their own virtual reality room as well as dress their avatar. I think that it is a very neat and different way to communicate with each other. You are also able to capture the log so that you can recap on your conversations. I think it is very useful in integrating technology into education.
So back to the collaboration, in short as a group we were successful in completing a paper that flowed, not one that was choppy. I think this experience has allowed me to open up more to the idea of working with others and having a positive attitude towards group work. In all, I enjoyed it and will welcome future group collaboration.
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