Friday, October 31, 2008

The Advancements of Technology

This week has been very intriguing and historically informative. We are discussing the importance and immergence of hypermedia/hypertext, computer mediated communications and digital videos. To think, these technologies once never existed before....Could you imagine life without them? As a society we have become so spoiled to instant gratification, that returning back to times when there were telegraphs, morse code, no cell phones or e-mail would be complete torture for most of us.

This weeks issues have made me appreciate all of the technologies that we are afforded and don't always take the time to appreciate. The assignment has made me realize how much of my life is digitzed, sometimes out of necessity. I think looking into the importance of these issues are vital to enable us to understand the impact of their emergence in education. I believe that education has benefited greatly from technology. The way lessons are taught, teachers are trained and students are engaged have all been impacted by technology in a positive way.

We are now able to commucicate with other educators from all over the world in a chatroom, research topics via the Internet instantly, utilze Power Points, SmartBoards, etc to engage students.

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