Thursday, October 23, 2008

Semester Chaos

It is me yet again!

I am in the 9th week of my classes and I am starting to beleive that sleep deprivation is a normal concept of a graduate students life. It so happens that all of my class assignments are due between October 26 - 29th. Like all of my professors got together and had the great idea of making them all due at the same time. IHowever, I am sure this was not the case. I have completely busied myself with research papers, group projects, visitations and discussion boards. I have to constantly remind myself of the bigger picture to get through it all.

I have come to know nothing of a social life and have become a permanent fixture in the library. My studies have instilled in me a great deal of determination and hardwork. As a result I am able to handle pressures, stress and deadlines at work with no problem! I have been fortuante enought to be ble to translate my educaiton into real-world experiences. It is my hopes and plan to continue to do so upon graduating next year.

So now that I am done ranting and raving, back to the subject. We are now working on the fifth issue that deals with hypermedia, CMC and other digital medias. I have not been able to make an informed choice on what topic I will choose. I still have yet to finish all of the readings. However, I think that I am leaning towards CMC due to past experiences. I will continue to follow the postings of other classmates and make a final decision soon!

Until the next time.......

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