Monday, October 20, 2008

Copyright and Fair Usage

I have come across this topic in the last over and over in the last couple of weeks. I have noticed that teachers, library media specialist are especially interested in the topic. I myself never gave it any real thought. I mean, I know that you can't copy DVD, Cd's, CD-Rom's etc but i did not understand the who concept of fair usage and such.

After working on assignments in classes dealing with the issue, it made me want to learn more about it. I have never worked as a librarian, library media specialist or teacher so I am not familiar with the rules and guidelines of copyrights and fair usage.

Copyright and fair usage policies are extremely important. It is vital that you remember to disseminate that information to others in your school or around you. These are very serious issues today and must be handled appropriately. I know myself, I will be more aware of these issues and take steps to rectify my past actions. See I knew there was a reason for this course :)

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